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Technology Risk Solutions

Technology Risk Solutions (PTY) Ltd is an Accredited Training Provider with the Mining Qualifications Authority and is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company based in Pretoria, South Africa.
Originally concentrating on Underground Thermo Coal and Surface Mining and Quarrying, Technology Risk Solutions has now extended its scope to include Occupational Health, Safety Environmental and Hygiene as well as Production Supervisory training. Formed in 1997 and operating throughout South Africa and Sub Sahara Africa. Its management technical and delivery service skills cover many diversified projects. It has the capacity to carry out a full range of integrated, multi-discipline projects on a self-perform basis.

E-Learning Benefits

Working towards the new QCTO system, the knowledge component is provided in the form of short courses with written integrated assessments and TRS will issue Log Books for recording and confirming on-the-job/practical training and specified work experience which are required prior to assessment being undertaken by registered assessors.

TRS Acknowledges that access to e-learning is a major factor for learners looking to undertake a significant part of their training online. The flexibility offered through e-learning is particulary important to learners wanting to upgrade their skills knowledge to continue to work or for people wanting to re-enter the workforce.


The vision of Technology Risk Solutions is to be a dynamic training partner in the Mining and Mineral Industry and the socio-economic improvement and upliftment of our people by developing well-prepared citizens with relevant occupational curriculum competencies.


The mission of our training interventions is to provide quality education and training. We focus on developing relevant occupational curriculum competencies to achieve socio-economic upliftment by:

  • Providing optimal access to all learners;
  • Providing E-Learning Further Education and occupational curriculum training, and striving towards life-long learning; Considerable Time Savings in Training Hours.
  • Aligning effectively within the Mining industry, Women in Mining and development of the Youth;
  • Facilitating effective e-learning through quality curricula, subject content and delivery Learning specifications.
  • Knowledge Subjects
  • Practical Skills Modules
  • Work Experience Modules
  • Internal and External Assessment Specifications


The Vision and Mission of Technology Risk Solutions are related to a set of values:

  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Fairness
  • People Orientation
  • Professionalism
  • Accountability
  • Loyalty

Our Clients

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